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I just saw Mondays episode and I was disappointed, I did not like the way they followed up on Marino's death.

1. Stefano was nowhere to be found
2. Marino's body was laying there when Nicole and Sami just walked over/pass it.That was stupid, reminded me of last year when Stefano and Kate fucked right after Bart had been killed.
3. Once they had gotten to the police station I felt that they just used Marino's death as a plot in the Sami/EJ/Nicole mess, it should have been more about Abe/Stefano. But the preview for Tuesday had Nicole tell Lexie about the shooting so I hope they will play that part of the story better.

Can't say anything about the scenes with Melanie, Max, Stephanie, Bo and Hope since I FF through all of it.

To summarize it, the week started off bad just like the last one but hopefully it well get better later on.
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