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Oct 19 2008, 10:57 AM
Someone said recently that in a few years, we might be down a network or two.

My guess is CW will fall first, and NBC will fall next, maybe within the next ten years.

Times they are a changin'.
I think NBC will give an hour to the affiliates first, before they fold altogether.

Then why put out a press release? They haven't done that in at least over a year and yet they do last week when Days is only a point above in pretty much both coveted demos?

Again, you don't put out a release like that for a canceled show. Why hype something your getting rid of? Why promote something heavily you are getting rid of? I also can't buy the fanfest as a goodbye to fans. They would classify it as such. The actors would not feel right doing something like that and not telling the audience it's a goodbye.

Because the actors and the affiliates haven't been told yet, for whatever reason. Maybe Corday assumes that the show will get a renewal, who knows. But there are SO many things working against a renewal right now, and this article regarding NBC's $500Million deficit proves it.

And if the show has been renewed, why not issue an official press release? I mean, do you honestly believe that they've been "talking about the money" for the past few months?

Plus, you don't hire two news actors, bring in a new EP and make changes to the writing team if your going off in March. Regardless of any source or whoever says what, all these signs make no sense to be associated with a canceled show.

As far as the new EP, everyone had s figured out that was mandated. It was either replace Ed Scott or face the WGA. There wasn't much of a choice there.

As far as hiring new actors to play roles, Sean Kanan was hired for SUNSET BEACH about two months before that show got its walking papers. The cast of PORT CHARLES got an Emmy Nomination and that still didn't save them. And if you're gonna throw out the "well, everyone's ratings are down" excuse, CBS canceled soaps SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and CAPITOL when they were performing at decent numbers, numbers higher than every soap on the NBC Network at times.

The reality of the situation is that no one is talking at DAYS. The behind the scenes people aren't talking, NBC isn't talking. No one has officially said DAYS is renewed. Aside from that small bite where Scott said, "It's always about the money," where else have we heard about talks for DAYS?

As I said before, I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but the deck is stacked against the show right now.
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