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As a Passions fan, this is interesting because it reminds me so much of the speculation that took place back in 06 regarding the renewal/cancellation of that show. The renewal announcement was taking forever to come, so everyone began to worry it was cancelled. An announcement eventually came, but it was like...5 months late, and with extensive budget cuts. Less than a year later, there was discussion of a Today show expansion and so once again people began to speculate that Passions was in danger. There were those that just knew it was done, and there were others, myself included, that thought it wouldn't make sense for a show to do different promotions, hire new actors, and brag about demos if they had already been cancelled. But that was the case. I know that Days and Passions are two different shows and every situation is different, but with NBC you just never know. And that is the sucky part about being a fan of a soap that airs on their network.
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