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Oct 19 2008, 05:33 PM
Oct 19 2008, 02:40 PM
Exactly Alligato.

They made mention of Nicole's alcohol issues when she went to Daniel. She was going through withdrawal according to Daniel and that is why she was getting really sick. The few weeks before that she had decided to stop drinking because she was feeling nauseous so I do think it's possible for the baby to be completely fine. It's not like Marlo who drank alot during her pregnancy, which is why JT was stricken with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Sorry, it's in the script. Nichole did not stop drinking "a few weeks" prior to her diagnosis. She ordered an OJ and then said "what the hell" to adding some vodka, just prior to going to the hospital. She continued to drink until the day Daniel told her she was pregnant. At the hospital she was out of control asking for alcohol. She displayed many characteristics of an alcoholic, including commenting that she could not be in withdrawal because she drank at least three drinks with every meal. She was throwing up the alcohol because of alcohol poinening. DT's were diagnosed, which can only develop after prolonged and excessive exposure to alcohol, and are symptomatic of alcoholicism.

The writers went out of the way to write her as an alcoholic for months leading up to the pregnancy storyline. She clearly was drinking heavily for the first 8-12 weeks of her pregnancy. That is not the same as a moderate occassional drinker or even a single binge. It is a dangerous situation for a pregnant woman and fetus, and it deserves to be acknowledged in the story.

I am not trying to further any agenda with this post, I really believe it would be terribly irresponsible for NBC/Sony/Days to have built such a strong case for Nichole's drinking and then ignore it.

I have faith in Ari's ability to act and believe she could do justice to a great many stories, including a pregnancy or a miscarriage. But rather than haul out another tired Days repeat story, I think that a story built around her alcoholism, a miscarriage, a relationship with Melanie, and an exploration into her relationship with the mudered abusive husband could be Emmy material for her. It is time to redeem this woman and take her out of the role of victim by letting her face and conquer her demons.
There are a lot of things that Days has been irresponsible about, two couples come to mind. I don't want to start anything, but on a soap were an uncle can fuck his niece without anyone in the family batting an eye, I don't see how Nicole drinking before she found out she was pregnant should play in to the plot at all. There are many s/l's where I think Days has definitely gone places that they shouldn't have. I just FF through those couples/characters that I don't agree with. If I wasn't an avid watcher for the past two decades, I probably would have stopped watching a few years ago. I just can't give up the hope, that at some point, we'll get some good s/l's. Oh how I long for the Days of old.

And as Alligato so nicely put it... back in the day, many women drank throughout their pregnancy, and their kids turned out just fine (for the most part). Now, if Nicole continued to drink after knowing that she was preggers, then I can see why people might complain. But she hasn't. I hope she has a beautiful, healthy baby. She is due a little happiness.
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