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Oct 20 2008, 12:09 AM
OMG Phoenix.

Your ability to look at everything in such a positive light when it comes to Days just amazes me. I seriously believe that if Ken Corday were shit on a plate and force us to watch it steam for an hour, you'd find something good to say about it, LoL.

I wouldn't go that far. It's just the way I am. I will admit I'm harder on other shows but watching Days for over two decades and it being basically the only show that strikes an emotional chord with me...I don't know. I just tend to always lean toward the positive about everything. Even when I bash something it usually comes with a positive for Days LOL.

I honestly don't mean to come off as overbearing. I really don't. I liken the way I feel and respond to the way things were before message boards, spoilers, etc. Back then, while the quality was better, things weren't picked apart like they are now. It was easier to get lost in the show. If things were the way they are now, people would've been picking apart everything in the 90's. I mean, as good as it was, I look back now and find myself seeing ALOT wrong but at the time, I didn't see shit LOL. Somehow, despite posting on the boards and reading them and reading spoilers, I'm able to just watch and not let certain things bother me. I just keep an open mind and the way I respond on the boards is basically what I think to myself or what I say to someone watching with me. It's just the way I am when it comes to Days. I don't blame anyone for their reactions. I recognize the show has burned bridges with many fans and I recognize not everyone will always like what they see. It's ok. I recognize I'm the weirdo that seems to like everything Days tosses :laugh: .
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