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Nicole Walker

More detailed spoilers. Don't know if these were posted yet.

Monday, October 27th
Sami covers Johnny's revelation and says goodbye; Chloe and Lucas are intimate; Nicole baby-sits Johnny; Nick tells Melanie that he can help establish her innocence if she stays; Chelsea wants to confide in Nick that she worries about Kate.

Tuesday, October 28th
Max admits his worry that Melanie may have killed Trent; Trent's will leaves all to Melanie but a box and a letter; Kate says she has lung cancer and wants Lucas to run the business; Chelsea runs to Kate's treatment with a St. Sofia medal; photo shoot.

Wednesday, October 29th
Darrell gets reassigned when he realizes Sami is faking illness; Bo opens an envelope intended for the police but doesn't tell Melanie; Philip cements his status with Chloe; Nicole plans to decorate the nursery, and she and EJ discuss marriage.

Thursday, October 30th
When Nicole is arrested, she fears EJ doesn't believe her; Sami drugs her new guard, just as a stranger appears; Kate has chemotherapy, but her odds aren't good; an interview overwhelms Theo, and Abe and Lexie question his public exposure.

Friday, October 31st
Stephanie confides in Philip about Melanie; Nick offers to let Mel stay with him at Maggie's; EJ tries to defend Nicole, who has been arrested, and she freaks out; an intruder spooks Sami, but the man is an FBI agent, Rafe, who will replace Hilda.
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