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Oct 21 2008, 06:47 PM
I just went back and looked at the other scoops I posted and most of it STILL has not aired yet! :sheep:

Just a few upcoming morsels...

-Maggie alert, Maggie alert! Yes, another Maggie sighting has been issued: The red-headed Goddess shares scenes with Nick, and with the red-headed monster named Melanie - in Maggie's house!! Nick finds a prescription... is it his, or someone else's? Nick also has scenes with Kayla at the hospital.

-Stax must be broken up for more than ten minutes (LOL) because Stephanie continues to hang around Phillip. Max talks to Chelsea, and Phillip and Chelsea share scenes (comparing notes, LOL?)

-Theo acts up with Chelsea after she meets him and Lexie in the park.

-Kate's sons and Chloe rally around her.

Thanks for posting OBK! :cheer:

Am I the only one who has to go through a mental family tree every time I see some of these people mentioned together.

Stephanie and Philip - ok. Not related
Max and Chelsea - not ok. Related but that doesn't matter because it's Max. :embarrassed:
Philip and Chelsea - ok..Not related..Oops..Yes they are. He's her uncle?
Ugh..My head hurts. :shame:
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