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I just bought that SOW magazine today. I personally, love Stax and hope they get back together after Max realizes what kinda girl Mel really is.. He doesn't need to break up things between him and Stephanie and I hope he regrets doing that. They have been through everything together and he is just gonna give up on their relationship?

I don't think so.. they love each other way, way too much to end things forever. I think Max will come to his senses and ask Stephanie to be a couple with him again. She had to do what she had to do for Max's sake..

I don't think it has anything at all to do with her hating Melanie. She doesn't want to see the man she loves with her whole heart to rot in prison for being an accessory to murder.

I know he loves Stephanie way too much to let her go for good. They've been through so much together with the whole Ford thing, she can't be with another man besides Max. I do think he'll trust her again, I really do and he'll forgive her very soon after he finds what kinda girl his sister really is.

I don't like Melanie as of now, I did but her manipulating everyone especially Max drives me nuts. I do however like how she calls Stephanie "princess".. I find that funny but Steph had to do what she had to do to keep Max out of trouble.

I think Bo & Hope would do anything for Max, so would Stephanie. I know she betrayed his trust but they will work through this as a COUPLE and not as friends. They need each other way too much at this point, Max needs Stephanie in his life, not his whiney bratty sister that all she causes him is a whole lot of trouble and grief.

He can't possibly keep this a secret, the truth will come out sooner or later and he'll be begging Steph to please get back together with him. OK I will shut up now. ;)

Also, I loved how Stephanie tried to kick Mel's butt on Friday! :popcorn: ... too bad Max was there to hold her back!! :shame:

Like I said before I love Stax together and they're the main reason I watch days. :D
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