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Benson is probably free and, even if she isn't, all the show needs to do is allow her to do other projects. If the show can let Nadia come and go from 2003-2005 the way she did, they can allow this.

Having said that, I don't expect her back nor do I want her. The show was very upset with the way things ended and her calling in sick last minute, which made her miss Matt Ashford's brief return. There was some doubts as to if she was actually sick. Also, Benson got lazy. It seemed like when she actually got more material her focus was gone. She did nothing to add more to the character. She was older yet I felt like I was still watching the same girl who came on in 2004. There was very little energy coming from her so I would probably prefer a recast, personally.

As for Stax, I pray they are over. Max and Stephanie need alot of character work and it will only happen it seems when they are apart. I see major potential for Philip and Stephanie so good that they have more scenes. As for Corday liking Srax, he doesn't have to come out and say it. Back when he came out all the time talking about Shelle, he was doing press all the time. The show, except for actors and actresses, does like no press now. We only hear from Corday at the start of the year or during writing changing or what have you. Hell, we can't even get them to comment on the renewal so expecting to get anything out of Corday right now is a pipe dream IMO. Actions speak louder then words anyway. He did proclaim Steph, Max, Chelsea, and Nick the future of the show in January and Stax has been frontburner for a good part of the year. The show went back to them under Hogan after Hogan made a big proclamation there would be no incest. I doubt it was Hogan's idea to go back to Stax so it had to be Corday. Stax were in the big summer location promo. I mean, they are getting similar treatment to Shelle so that says to me Corday has chosen them as his next golden couple.

Glad that there is a Maggie sighting. The Nick stuff sounds interesting.

This all sounds good. Thanks OBK. Keep us posted when you hear more.
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