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I have no problem with the name. It's different. So what if it was Ninja Turtle's name" LOL. We have a character on the show whose full name is Elvis so Rafael looks pretty good compared to that. I like Elvis Presley but just trying to point out there are worse/stranger names. I actually hope they go by Rafe. I like that. Sami and Rafe. Kind of like PC's Alison and Rafe. Oh the irony...Sami (played by ALISON Sweeney) and Rafe...Alison and Rafe...LOL. I just noticed that.

Back on topic...I can't wait for Shuis...I mean Sami and Rafael LOL. Classic soap with him guarding her. Should be fun.

The Kate stuff sounds great. Her story wasn't mentioned in the sweeps previews so it goes to show you those previews aren't worth a shit LOL.

These sound ok. I think things will steadily pick up around the middle of November. That is usually when things get going straight on through into the New Year.
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