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Shove your crappy show where the sun don't shine, Corday!

Oct 21 2008, 07:04 PM
I don't think the writers would go for Max and Chelsea again, but if they did, I really wouldn't mind it. Max and Chelsea never bothered me, just because Chelsea came into the Brady family after she and Max were dating. It's not like Max knew about Chelsea being related to him like it is with Stephanie.

Max and Chelsea would not bother me though. That doesn't mean I want them together. Is it that damn hard to find a blonde in Los Angeles to play Abby? GEEZ!
So, wait a minute, it was honky dorey for Chelsea to shack up with Max because "they didn't grow up knowing eachother" but Max and Stephanie cause an uproar because they did?

I'm sorry but that doesn't make any sense. Related IS related no matter which way you slice it.

If Max and Stephanie are so disgusting then Max and Chelsea should be considered just as disgusting.

I find all this outrage over Max and Stephanie's relation hypocritical considering there was hardly a peep when Max and Chelsea were sleazing it up.
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