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Oct 22 2008, 01:06 PM
Sami/Rafael: "He is her guard and her match. She causes trouble for him and then he discovers she's pregnant. that's the beginning of the story." Is there a romantic element here? "Could be. it's a very much the same dynamic as Roman sleeping on marlena's floor all those years ago to protect her. But Sami is still in love with EJ."

Brady/Chloe/Lucas: "Brady returns to Salem. He is clean and sober and is there to make amends. He and Chloe try and find find closure.He's happy she's moved on with Lucas, but she's not sure if it's Lucas or Brady who makes her happy."

Second Chances
Looks like classic Reilly couple writing is back. Sami will get close with Rafe, while EJ will decide to move on with Nicol, only for Sami to reveal she has his child too in the worst moment imaginable, probably during EJole wedding.

From producer standpoint, now I understand what Higley meant by saying they found a way how to keep Sami on screen even during Alis maternity leave. Because Rafe/Sami will be isolated, they can easily pretape all their scenes and air them during her leave without worrying about continuity issues.

As for Chloe/Lucas/Brady, looks like Lucas is the new Phillip in the neverending Broe vs. Phloe saga. I already feel this will not be mine favorite storyline. But Im happy JKJ isnt involved.
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