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I'm hoping someone will post the rest of the previews. So far, these are more detailed than the last sweeps previews we received from SOW. Those were more like one sentence previews. These are actually a little more detailed. That's good.

That's pretty much exactly how I expected the Rafe/Sami dynamic to play out. And I'm not surprised at all by the reference to Roman and Marlena. It's yet another coincidence that I created a storyline where Sami was life was in danger and a detective was brought in to protect her, and there could be resulting sparks between the two. Only on As Days Go By, the detecitve is played by Shawn Christian. It's definitely a gold-mine storyline to tell. Out of Sami and Belle, Sami is definitely the one to use if you want to recreate the love story of Marlena and Roman, which was just great. Sami is a spitfire, just like Marlena was with Roman back then. So I can get into this dynamic. Lets just hope Galen Gerring and Alison Sweeney have the chemistry I think they'll have.

I like how it sounds that Brady has moved on from Chloe, and it's only Chloe that still has these feelings for Brady. I can go with that, because the way the story went, something in their marriage wasn't working. One of them didn't want to be with the other, and I would've had a problem had Brady returned to Salem and they're both wanting to be together again. That would be stupid. I hope a triangle doesn't last too long. They should've had Brady bring on a love interest of his own, perhaps someone he met in rehab or something?

Who gave these previews? I'm hoping Dena Higley finally took back her position as head writer and the one that should be giving these interviews.

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