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Oct 22 2008, 04:53 PM
Thanks for posting.

Awful. Were there any mentions of other characters besides the septagon from hell?
Yes, other stories were mentioned but these are all that have been posted. These came from the LUMI board so that is why this is all that is mentioned.

As Drew said, at least these are detailed. I knew the SOW ones were not all that would be happening as that was a week earlier then went previews like that are usually given. I was even shocked SOW did them too. Usually it's just SOD because SOD always ends up being a bit more detailed.

these are still vague but that is how it should be. I don't want the whole month spoiled. These sound ok so far. So excited about Sami and Rafael and I'm LOVING the Roman/Marlena comparison. It's also like early Shuis too and that plays well into Galen's comfort zone. He comes alive when he spars with his love interest. Sami has never been had a true romance. Ejami had potential to be that but it got derailed and Lumi was more friends becoming lovers. Both Sami and Nicole never have had a true Days love story where they are the only subject of the man's affections without any hidden motivation or agenda. I'm not an advocate for boxing characters into a corner with the whole "destined lovers" thing but I'm all for something new and fresh and Sami is finally getting that with this new direction. It opens up Lucas and EJ too.

The Brady stuff sounds good too. As Drew said, it's great that he comes back not immediately wanting Chloe after all they went through. I'm also happy they mention him being "clean and sober." I want his drug and alcohol issues to be mentioned. I'm actually excited about this triangle and glad it's not Philip/Chloe/Brady again.

I really do hope Higley or Tomlin gave the previews. If it's Corday, that means he will get half his shit wrong and most of the stuff he says will either not happen or will be misconstrued on his part or won't happen until a month or so (remember how the Vendetta climax last year kept getting pushed back? In every preview, he kept changing the time it was going to happen.) Corday also doesn't make things seem exciting. He takes the life out of previews and also spends too much time focusing on assuring the fanbases that their couple will be ok. I hate that. It gives away the story and the endgame. Hopefully, he isn't giving the preview.
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