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Oct 22 2008, 05:55 PM
Oct 22 2008, 01:06 PM
Sami/Rafael: "He is her guard and her match. She causes trouble for him and then he discovers she's pregnant. that's the beginning of the story." Is there a romantic element here? "Could be. it's a very much the same dynamic as Roman sleeping on marlena's floor all those years ago to protect her. But Sami is still in love with EJ."

Brady/Chloe/Lucas: "Brady returns to Salem. He is clean and sober and is there to make amends. He and Chloe try and find find closure.He's happy she's moved on with Lucas, but she's not sure if it's Lucas or Brady who makes her happy."
Second Chances
It sounds to me like Days is trying to recreate Sheridan and Luis with these two. It's going to feel very forced, IMO. I hate when they plan on showcasing romantic sparks before the fans have even gotten the chance to see the two characters on screen together.

As for Brady... uhh... so what's the point of his return again? LoL
It seems more like they are being open about trying to re-create Roman and Marlena dynamic as well. They are comparing it to that, which is fine. Your right there is a concern it will be forced but I also think chemistry and story can trump that and the whole premise of him protecting her and them sparring back and forth while also falling in love is classic soap. It's about time the show went back to this and I like the idea of Sami getting swept off her feet. That is how EJ and Sami began but that went downhill shortly after that.

I don't think they are forcing them on us. It is mentioned there may be a romantic beat so it seems like this may be Days testing the waters, which is ok right now since the stories finally have direction now. I can deal with testing things out if the whole show isn't lacking direction.

I loved early Shuis. It's when there was no payoff after like 5 years that I started hating them. That and Mac's acting got horrible. She lost her spark and didn't get it back until Sheridan became a bitch. I became a Luis/Fancy and alot of that had to do with how they came together, which was actually quite like how Luis and Sheridan got together. They sparred alot, he saved her life and was protecting her...it was very similar. It's a tried and true soap cliche but it's one Days itself hasn't used in awhile so it does have a fresh feeling to it given Days has not done it in awhile.

I'm just happy to see something new and fresh for Sami. That alone has me interested.
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