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Oct 22 2008, 04:42 PM
At least we are continuing to get talented actors..But i would love to see these roles developed into something big..
I'm with you but the problem is you would have people complaining about more newbies. You would hear the usual "Why can't they focus on who they have?" We heard it when Ashby was involved in big story and we heard it when Joe Penny was casted.

It seems what is lost on some nowadays is how sometimes you have to bring new characters in for certain stories or to freshen things up or "upset the applecart." That is why I'm glad the show is bringing in Galen as a new character. The show needs fresh characters. It just got rid of a big one in Morgan and lost another one in Ava, two characters with big potential.

I don't think the show set out to cast Eric and Galen. It seems they wanted Galen for awhile. It was mentioned in SOD that Days had it's eye on him for awhile and I do think Higley and Corday came to the determination that the Lumi/Ejami war will never end so why not give Sami a fresh direction? I mean, that issue has gone on too long. It's time to pull all three characters out of that black hole and give them new direction. It's the only way to save the characters IMO.

I think Lucas and Chloe were going to be written out and we were getting a Rafael/Sami/EJ/Nicole quad but then they decided to keep Nadia and Bryan too and that is why they decided to bring Brady back on, probably around the time Eric was brought in to test for Galen's role. They saw something in Eric and casted him. Tomlin knows him too. I don't think it was all planned. I think they had Galen in mind but weren't sure if they could get him and they changed gears and decided to make another effort at bringing Brady back too. They just happened to run into someone they liked in Eric. I'm sure they know this will likely not result in a ratings bump. Maybe some sort of demo bump but nothing huge. The ratings are what they are but the demos can be influenced still it seems.

I like Callahan. I don't like what went down with him and Eva but I like him as an actor and I like that Days continues to cast talented actors like this, even if it's a small role. It makes a difference. Looking forward to seeing what this means for Nicole.
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