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Oct 22 2008, 09:01 PM
oh Melanie, you biatch!....I have no clue what they are doing with this chick/mick thing
I'm fine with it. I don't like the idea of Phelany at all but I'm fine with Melanie going back to her roots and being a bad girl. I loved early chick when Chelsea was a brat and Nick helped redeem her. Melanie is a bigger challenge as she really does have life experience and a bad streak so could Nick get through? They have real potential.

But it also can turn the tables on Chick. Many feel Chelsea doesn't deserve Nick anymore. I like how the show isn't having her just outright Nick (yet) but can't stay away. She's protective of him is obviously jealousy but I think as she sees that Melanie is a real danger to Nick, it will drive her to be more desperate and more protective of Nick. This can warm people back up to liking Chick again, especially if RM does what she does best and shows her inner suffering but the bratty girl on the outside.

Worried about the Date stuff. What does it mean something happens? Please don't tell me Chloe and Dan's secret is they slept with each other. I'll scream.

And I also second the love/hate on EJole. I adore love/hate relationships (Kind of wish they'd go that way with Philip/Stephanie) and IMO they work best if they start out like such.
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