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Nicole Is Arrested

Nicole's week starts off good. She makes plans to decorate her suite at the DiMera mansion and the nursery, and she and EJ even talk about the possibility of marriage. Her happiness is short lived when Bo and Hope arrest her for murdering Trent. The Brady's question her about the new evidence they have, which is a torn copy of her and Trent's marriage certificate. Her fingerprints are on it. They also present a second piece of evidence - a note that Trent left behind implicating Nicole should he wind up dead. "It's a setup," scoffs AZ. She's not panicked because she knows she didn't do it.

Nicole privately recalls arguing with Trent in the cemetary the night he died. She never shared it with the cops because she didn't think it was a big deal. She has bigger fish to fry; she is pregnant. It wasn't even a thought.

B&H search her closet and find a dress with distinctive beads, one was found near Trent's murder site. As a result, Nicole is hauled to the station. "She can't believe she is being arrested," says AZ.

EJ arrives to defend her, but warns her that because of her track record she may not make bail. EJ asks her if she did it, which angers Nicole. She doesn't say that she didn't, just that she can't believe he would think she did something like that. She is shocked and betrayed that he is not on her side.

With the future looking bleak, AZ admits, "Nicole is a little freaked out."

Kate Begins Chemo

Kate begins chemo this week for lung cancer, but first she tells Phillip and Lucas that she is sick. "What happens is she finds out the hardest part is not your own personal fears, but the fear you have for your family," says LK. "She's worrying about them now and not herself and in some ways, thats the best medicine for her." Her sons are devastated. Chelsea is also thrown by the diagnosis. She rushes to the hospital with the Saint Sofia medal that Victor gave her. There are very few words spoken. Chelsea explains the medal and gives it to Kate and leaves. It is a good moment for Kate, she knows Chelsea is there for her.

Will she beat the cancer? "I am as clueless as Kate is," laughs LK. "I never ask. It's kind of like real life. I don't know what is going to happen with it, but Kate has had her share of hard times and I would love to see her get a bit of happiness."

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