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Until we learn who Trent's killer is, I'm going to say Corday is full of it. I hope it is a surprise but I doubt it. This show has no balls when it comes to that stuff. Hell, no soap does.

Glad they mentioned Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla. I like John hiring Steve. John thinks Stefano did it so that is why he hires him. This brings Steve and Kayla back into the Dimera story and gives them some good conflict.

I could care less that J&M are divorced. Just glad the story has some damn movement. I look forward to the John/Marlena/Brady stuff. He should treat him cold. He doesn't know him and he hasn't been around. Glad the headaches were mentioned since some were worried about that. Sounds like a nice way of continuing to draw J&M together.

Very excited about Philip/Stephanie and the Chelsea/Nick/Melanie stuff sounds great. Glad the triangle is off the ground. I hate that Corday had to say that there is hope for Stax. I hate it when he says that about any couple. STOP ASSURING FANBASES!!! You give away the damn stories, you moron! The stories in the 90's would no way of had the same impact if you always knew the couples would get together. Don't give shit away. This is why I hate him giving previews. Ugh. I also wish he would read other boards by NBC. It's clear that is all they read if he thinks most people give a damn about there being hope for Stax.

Glad Kate's story is mentioned as it wasn't in the SOW ones. I wonder what kind of secret Chloe and Daniel will be keeping. I'm shocked to even see Chloe listed with Kate and Daniel. Makes me wonder where they are taking this. Interesting. I'm very impressed with how the Kate illness story has been handled. Kudos to the show on that.

Glad Abe is mayor. Wish we had the whole preview. It's like there was something about Theo there but also something about Stefano too. It doesn't matter to me that Stefano isn't mentioned since we know he is involved in the mayor story right now. Hoping we get more scenes of Lexie with Stefano and Tony.

All in all, not too bad. I think they put out enough to make it seem interesting. Nothing huge going on but it seems like the stories are heating up and now that they have direction we are clearly building to some big things later on, which was not the case in spring and summer.
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