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^Simple. Things changed.

That is why if I were a EP, when things are in a state of upheaval, I would give no preview. That preview came out around the time Higley was getting back into things and Tomlin was coming on. They had to weed out all the Scott stuff and it's pretty clear Chloe was to be written out and possible even Lucas. The writing was on the wall. Alot clearly changed. We've heard nothing of more cast cuts. Phloe was on the way back and now they are nowhere near each other on the show or in spoilers. Morgan got fired. Everything else in those previews came through so that means the whole catastrophic event was based on a story that got changed BIG TIME. Morgan's ouster, Chloe and Lucas seemingly being spared the ax (maybe one was to die or something?), and the change in direction of some characters...makes sense.

That is why I take any long-term preview with a grain of salt, especially one from Corday who tends to overhype or do the opposite and take the energy out of some things. He also has no clue when things will happen. He mentioned last year in the Fall Previews the Vendetta would end in September. Then in November he mentioned it would climax in December. Then he said the end of January in the 2008 previews. It ended up being in EARLY FEBRUARY!!

It's not just him either. Just check out the GH previews where Guza talks about Sonny and Kate's son showing up. He says he MAY OR MAY NOT show up in November. Guza also went on about a big Spencer adventure yet Laura and Scott are leaving the second week of November. None of these execs no shit unless it's some big sweeps event that they know everything about because they invested enough of the budget into it. They just read shit off an outline or come up with these quick to provide something for the magazine. That is why I could care less if we get these or not unless a show is getting a new writer and then I want to see what they have in mind for the show.
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