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Oct 22 2008, 11:43 AM
Nicole Dimera
Oct 21 2008, 09:40 PM
I think that's Patrick and Hope!! Now THAT'S HOTNESS!! Patrick was so fine, I hate what they did to him.
ITA! I loved Patrick and Hope so much.
I loved them too. I actually could see major potential for them but they never developed Patrick enough to make it viable and, of course, you have the Bope fanbase to consider so it never got going. One of the few things about summer 2004 that I loved was Patrick and Hope working together. I always loved them working together.

Sub sex was hot but man I hated that story. That Gina thing wasn't good for me until real Gina showed up. Way too much reliance on sci-fi crap for me. They went way overboard at the time with that stuff. We had the brain chip and a tooth implant. Too much at once IMO.

I like Ashley but after seeing what she has done after Days, it just proves her lack of energy in her scenes was not just due to being on Days. She is just a bit lazy IMO. She relies on the writing to make her look good and she adds nothing of her own to make the character feel alive. The tempAbby was good IMO. She had a nice energy. There are lots of good actresses that can play the role and I wish Days could go out and get one. I feel Abby has a place in Salem with the younger set and because she is a Horton who could be the next big young heroine.
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