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Oct 22 2008, 08:59 PM
The rest:

"We're dealing with a very serious murder and all of these suspects," says Excecutive producer Ken Corday. "At the end of the month the murderer will be revealed and it will be a big suprise."

Bo/Hope: They are working to solve the murder cases and by months end they find Trent's killer and it's a shocker.

John/Marlena: They are divorced now, but what does that mean for the future? He is still having headaches and Marlena helps him through the pain. Brady returns and John is cold to him, which is unsettling to Marlena. Kayla won't be happy when John hires Steve to some private investigator work.

Melanie/Max/Nick/Stephanie/Chelsea/Phillip: Melanie tries to break Nick's interest in here until it looks like Nick may be able to make her money. Chelsea tries to warn Nick about Melanie, but he won't listen. Max and Stephanie are broken up, but there is still hope for them. Phillip hires Stephanie as an intern at Titan and they strike up a friendship.

Kate/Daniel/Chloe: Daniel is giving Kate the will to live. It will appear that the chemo is working and then something else happens. Chloe and Daniel will cross paths and they will share a secret with each other.

Abe/Lexie/Theo: Abe is named the new mayor. Lexie supports her husband, but is (the rest wasn't visible).

Here's the rest, not much. :biggrin:

"Lexie supports her husband, but is still having trouble with Theo. Chelsea is there to bail her out.

The DiMeras:
Tony and Stefano are at odds. EJ will never fully trust Stefano, but Stefano offers him a position as an attorney for the DiMera shipping."

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