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After making mincemeat out of her first two bodyguards, Sami gets a third this week and finally meets her match. Galen Gering (ex-Luis, Passions) fills us in on the new man in the Salem spitfire's life.

SOW: Sami's first bodyguard is reassigned, and then she drugs her second one. How does Rafe arrive on the scene?

GG: Rafe goes to the safe house to show Sami some mug shots, since she's witnessed a murder. When he contacts her guard, Hilda, and she doesn't answer the phone he has to consider something has gone wrong.

SOW: So Rafe approaches the place expecting the worst?

GG: He comes in with his guns drawn, because he thinks the safe house has been compromised. She's freaking out; "Don't shoot me! Don't kill me, I don't want to die." Then she turns around and he realizes she is Samantha Brady.

SOW: Rafe still realizes something is amiss. Does he check out the situation with Hilda?

GG: Yes. First of all, Rafe finds Hilda asleep, which is weird. Sami starts telling Rafe she was drinking, again, weird. Rafe finds Hilda's phone is set on vibrate, which isn't protocol. And Sami's acting a little sketchy. All these things add up. He starts investigating a little further and finds a residue in the bottom of Hilda's cup. Obviously, she's been drugged. It's the domino effect from there.

SOW: Rafe realizes Sami is responsible. Does he read her the riot act?

GG: Definitely. Sami's not only been jeopardizing her life, but Hilda's life, as well. If Rafe was the killer, they'd both be dead. It's really not something to be taken lightly.

SOW: Is Sami her usual feisty self? Fighting back?

GG: Yeah. She has her own reasons for having drugged Hilda, none of which make any sense to Rafe. He calls his superiors to let them know what's happened so they can send someone else "to protect Sami." They tell Rafe he's going to be staying. Rafe is like, "What do you mean? I'm outta here."

SOW: How is Rafe feeling about having to guard this woman, who he can see is hell on wheels?

GG: Not good. Rafe's got bigger fish to fry. He's been working on a new case for two years. Then, his buddy, who he's been working with, calls and says, "Hey! We cracked the case. This guy has been arrested." Rafe is like, "Are you kidding me?" He's stuck babysitting this girl when this huge case has been broken.

SOW: Do you think Rafe can keep Sami in line?

GG: No question. He lets her know that no nonsense will be taken whatsoever. Sami's definitely met her match in Rafe.

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