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Oct 23 2008, 08:59 AM

(Week of November 10th)

Nick threw a creepy "private" birthday party for Melanie, in which he gave her a "friendship" ring, and he had a flashback that revealed he was Trent's killer. Things got weirder: Nick tried to talk Melanie into leaving Salem with him, but she wanted to stay put. Then, in Maggie's house, Melanie discovered the stationery on which the threatening note was written. She confronted Nick and he admitted to writing the note and making the phone calls, but said he did it to protect Melanie. The follow-up - Nick told Melanie she had killed Trent he saw her do it. He convinced her it was the truth. But Bo and Hope got the real story from the cemetery's caretaker. He ID'ed Nick as the killer to shocked Bo and Hope.

i don't like ANY of this. the last thing nick is to me is 'creepy.' painkillers or no(and i have known PLENTY of people that have been addicted to them) it is not going to make you fundamentally change who you are as a person. in other words, i don't buy that nick is going to go from a guy that goes out of his way to protect the people the cares about to a guy that would blame something he did on someone else.

making him the killer is annoying, but i can understand that. havign him try to convince melanie that she did it? and the excuse is painkillers? no way!!!

i am seriously thisclose to not watching this show anymore. i'm tired of seeing characters assassinated over stupid plot twists such as this one.
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