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Oct 23 2008, 09:40 AM
The only thing that doesn't work in all of this is the failure to establish the drug addiction first. If they show Nick becoming addicted to his painkillers and that causing alterations to his personality, and then throw in all of this stuff, it might work. But, failing to establish that part of the story until they also show he's the killer, makes the whole thing seemed much more contrived.

But, I do think that BB will do a great job with whatever he's given, so I'm willing to see how this plays out before declaring it a complete failure.
Absolutely on the failure to spell out the drug addiction. I think the DUI proved how people were taken aback if they don't setup for it properly. Showing Nick getting drunk would have fixed that (or at least let people accept Nick's mental state more). Now they are gonna have Nick be the killer on the fact he's had a drug addiction this whole time? For this to work, those better be some pretty lengthy flashbacks (which will annoy people anyway).
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