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Oct 23 2008, 07:06 AM
WTF? Yeah, it's shocking, but only because this is so out of character for Nick (then again, character-driven storytelling has never been Higley's strong suit). Am I glad it's not Claude? Yeah. Doesn't mean I like this, though. It reminds me of when Ben Reade was revealed to be a serial killer on GL, and I HATED that.
You ain't whistlin' Dixie here. Boy, was that so far off the mark... it was one of the only times I ever e-mailed a network head to say "you've got major issues here with a headwriter"... lol

I'll give this story a chance, provided IT'S DONE CORRECTLY. With his issues regarding Chelsea, I could see where Nick falls off the wagon and has to be counseled back to health by Maggie and Lucas. If Nick turns into a raving homicidal maniac and BB goes off the show completely, then Higley has failed.
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