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I can't get upset about not seeing the drug addiction because that practically gives away Nick potentially being the killer. The whole idea of this is for it to be a surprise. The DUI was enough of a hint and now I see why they didn't build up to it. They didn't want to go into the flashbacks yet as they wanted to set the stage for Melanie to appear like she did it. It makes sense. I don't mind not seeing stuff onscreen when there is a reason for it and there is here.

Painkillers can have horrible effects on you and let's remember too that Nick was vulnerable. He lost Chelsea and it's clear he isn't over it. Max basically was the reason for his prototype because he made mistakes in his research...which was a hit to his pride. He was in a bad place for awhile and maybe he's having some bad reactions to them and that is driving his behavior. I don't think Nick is going anywhere. They are already hinting at Nick/Chelsea possibly reuniting, unless they plan to get rid of him and Melvin since Chelsea has so little to do right now. That is a possibility. I wouldn't worry though. This may go the route of stories on other soaps where the killer did what they did because of an adverse reaction to drugs. That is the out they used with Ava in the Spring. I can see them doing that. Its hard to tell how all this will play until we see it.

I don't think one can use the out of character excuse either because the whole point of the story is that this is not something Nick would do. That was one of the points of the DUI and having Maggie, Chelsea, and Hope get on him for that. Plus, Melanie even said that Nick was not acting like himself. There has been enough buildup for me to trust Days with the followup. I', shocked that Days has the guts to even go here, especially with a Horton. This also looks to be giving Maggie some good material. I have to give Higley props. She's used Caroline and Victor as important pieces of stories and now Maggie is going to get play as well.

One other thing...perhaps Trent did something. Nick was his protege afterall and we didn't see much of Nick for most of Trent's run. Maybe Trent did something to Nick or switched his pills to something stronger or something. Just a though and probably grasping at straws. I like the sound of the creepy birthday party though. Personally, I'm more excited about the painkiller aspect. This is dynamic material for BB and I hope they use Maggie aloe given her alcoholism. This is one chance to have Maggie active in a major tale. Very excited about this.
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