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It's definitely a twist, that's for sure. Nick is the one person I was sure did not kill Trent. So I give it to the writers for actually going the shocking route and making it an actual suspect from the beginning, but not a suspect that people would assume did it. Out of all the suspects, the only one I thought would actually do it, would be Melanie. I was convinced the writers were going to go the lame route and make Claude the killer. So I give it to them.


I have to say this is typical Dena Higley writing for you. Where in the hell did the pain killer addiction come from? I'm going to assume that he's become addicted after his shooting in France. Okay. That makes sense. But why didn't we see anything that would enlighten this? I haven't once seen Nick pop one pill. That should've been shown.

That's the problem with Higley's writing. Yes, she can pull off good story, however she misses important beats that, once the climax of the story comes out, will make people say, this all makes perfectly sense. Had we saw Nick popping pills, not even majorly popping pills that would indicate an addiction, but at least some scene involving his pills, then this would all make sense to me. However, we saw none of that. The only thing we've seen was Nick getting drunk. How in the hell does that tie in with pain killers? It doesn't. A lot of people go to bars and get drunk. That doesn't make them pill addicts.

So while I give it to Higley and the writers for making Nick the killer, they missed major beats to make this actually make some sense.

As for it not being in character for Nick, if he's on pain killers, then he's not himself. It's an out, but you'll have that when you have a major character, whose personality and character has been established already, you'll have that. It needs to be explained what pushed Nick to do something you would think he would never do. So being addicted to pills, and being under the influence of these pain killers would make Nick act, perhaps irrational, which murder definitely is.
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