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Oct 23 2008, 10:18 AM
I can't get upset about not seeing the drug addiction because that practically gives away Nick potentially being the killer. The whole idea of this is for it to be a surprise. The DUI was enough of a hint and now I see why they didn't build up to it. They didn't want to go into the flashbacks yet as they wanted to set the stage for Melanie to appear like she did it. It makes sense. I don't mind not seeing stuff onscreen when there is a reason for it and there is here.

One other thing...perhaps Trent did something. Nick was his protege afterall and we didn't see much of Nick for most of Trent's run. Maybe Trent did something to Nick or switched his pills to something stronger or something. Just a though and probably grasping at straws. I like the sound of the creepy birthday party though. Personally, I'm more excited about the painkiller aspect. This is dynamic material for BB and I hope they use Maggie aloe given her alcoholism. This is one chance to have Maggie active in a major tale. Very excited about this.
But that's how you tell a story? You have to hit all beats. No one is asking the writers to spell out the fact that Nick is an addict. But to give no indication of this supposed serious pill addiction? We never saw Nick take one pill, let alone many to classify him as an addict. The DUI wasn't enough. I don't know how anyone could think that was enough. Freaking Chloe Lane could've recieved a DUI one night. That doesn't mean she's a pill popper. It could mean that she was getting hammered at Chez Rouge one night, and used bad judgement and drove home, only to be caught by the police. In no way does that mean she has an addiction problem. So I'm not buying that as a plausible hint of this in any way.

We should've saw at least some indication that Nick is abusing his pain medication. I'm sure if they threw a scene in there that had Nick popping a pill or two, no one would've automatically said that Nick's a pain addict and he's the killer. No. They would have assumed that Nick was just taking the medication he was prescribed when he was shot in France. That's how you tell a story. You include all of the beats, so that once the climax is revealed, viewers can look back at the little things, the little details, and know that this was all planned and it all makes sense now.

And I really hope your possible theory about Trent switching Nick's pills turns out to be wrong. If they're going the route of Nick being addicted to these pain killers, I want this to be a decision Nick has made, whether he would've done it in character or not. It's too DAYS-ish for Trent to be the one that switched Nick's pills with other pills to get him to become an addict. That's just stupid.
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