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Come to think of it...there was some subtle hints. At the hospital after being shot, the nurse asked Nick of he wanted more pain meds or something. Then you have his behavior since then, which has been erratic. I think the DUI was designed to hint at him losing control and something not being right. It wasn't show much about what he did but what drove him to do it. His guilt was showing itself and it's likely he ran out of painkillers and resorted to alcohol that night.

I understand why many will slighted we didn't see him popping a pill or two but to me it's just giving away too much. If they did that, people would begin to suspect him and the aura of the surprise is gone, especially since he had the DUI and that alone made some question if he was guilty. I mean, on one hand some want a surprise and, on the other, they want more shown and that sometimes hurts the story. If you want to make this murder story shocking, then you have to do it this way or else you risk clueing the audience in too soon on Nick losing it. I mean, Nick was barely shown this year. There have been rumors of him leaving off and on for awhile so if you decide to expose things too soon, people will be smart enough to put two and two together and then when Nick is revealed as the killer, the impact will be gone. I think your underestimating the viewer and treating them as dumb in a sense if you handle it that way. It's clear to the audience that something was up with Nick. The DUI showed that. The next day him drinking at the Pub in the morning, the day after a DUI, showed that. Sure, they didn't show popping a pill but they showed enough to show that Nick was not himself and that is just as well.

The only time I feel Higley is screwed up with missing story beats was when Kate and Daniel had sex offscreen because I feel like she was in control enough then to be responsible for that. Other then that, I see no problem with story beats. I did have an issue with Nick's DUI but now with this revelation, I understand why she took that approach.

My theory about Trent is simply grasping at straws. I doubt it would happen but, even if it did, I'm not saying Trent forced Nick to take the pulls. I was thinking Nick was already relying on them but Trent switched them with stronger stuff to provide a more adverse reaction, perhaps to get back at Melanie in some way. Something like that.
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