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Sorry Phoenix. I think it's a ball dropping event if they don't at least let us in on the fact he's even still taking medication. They could have used that to set him up to look more like a suspect (which I still think many would have shrugged as no one can comprehend Nick really killing anyone) or they coudl have made a couple of throwaway moments. Nick taking a pill in front of Chelsea way back when they talked at the pub about Melanie. It might also be interesting to see him take it and show that aggresive side when she mentioned Melanie but then I admit that might be too on the nose then.

I admit Nick has been acting strangely lately but the fact is we've not seen Nick for MONTHS and many viewers might not really know how Nick acts. Sure we have Hope, Chelsea and Melanie proclaming Nick's actions but if many of us are acting taken aback to this news about Nick, then they've missed a step.

I don't know, it's the exact opposite problem of Max who was shown acting strangely for weeks (months?) and then to lamely explain he's a genius instead of a jerk for altering Nick's formula which incidentally could be something else to have pushed NIck into this behavior.

I guess another thing that upsets me is if this had come up when Nick wasn't around at all, maybe I could take it then. But they seemed to really be setting up a triangle with him in the center and it's something I've always wanted for him. Now that looks shot to hell. Maybe Chelsea will still be there but I think it hurts Mick!
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