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Oct 23 2008, 02:09 PM
^ Not really. The EJamis are pissed, Lumis are pissed and now we can add the Rafmis to it.

I am trying my hardest to wait until this guy is on before I judge him, but Kenny sent me that clip about Luis and Sheridan and GG wasn't that good. Kind of looked like a goof ball and acting wasn't much.

I really don't want Sami and Rafe to have much chemistry mostly because I am so tired of all these guys wanting her. She ain't all that!
That's one of the things I hate about the writing with Sami, she's supposed to be a woman every man wants, it's so ridiculous and unbelievable. Austin, Lucas, Brandon, EJ, and now this Rafe. Franco was the only smart one, he knew that a life with Sami was just as bad as death.
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