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Oct 24 2008, 12:42 PM
Oh, I know. I just wanted to state for the record that I do indeed think this is all garbage, LoL.
See, I kinda sorta agree with both sides. (LOL). In the hands of another "administration", this could be an awesome, ass-kicking, "bring Nick to the forefront and develop his character without writing him off" storyline. However, I think the fear is the possibility of Nick's character being massacred in the wrong writing hands. Fans of Blake Berris have wanted Nick to have a meaty storyline, but if it comes at the expense of his character, and in an out of nowhere method, then, yeah, it'll be garbage. The SPIRIT of the storyline could have immense possibilities, just like the autism storyline and a storyline for Nicole having a difficult pregnancy. However, the execution of the storyline might be an entirely different ball of wax.
I guess I'll have to go back to my "wait and see" attitude.
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