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Oct 25 2008, 11:44 AM
Do you really think they'll incorporate Jessica's history into this story, though? I don't think Jessica's even been mentioned once since Nick came to Salem.

I don't trust this to be anything more than a lame plot twist thrown in merely for shock value.
See, Mason, that's a possible excuse they can use out of nowhere, Jessica's history. In theory, it's a GREAT way to incorporate the past, BUT if they use it, they should have introduced it in other ways. Letters from Mom, phone calls (maybe from an institution. Where DID Jessica end up when she was written off?). I don't want this "mental case" Nick to come up first, and then have Jessica brought up. It would probably be too unsettling.

In a way, it's like OLTL's Lee Halpern story. For those folks like me who weren't watching 20 years ago, the Janet/Lee connection means squat. Shoot, I WATCHED Days when Jessica was on, and I still don't recall all the details, until it was brought up here. Then, it triggered my memory.
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