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Oct 25 2008, 06:08 PM
Oct 25 2008, 05:57 PM
EJ lived, Trent wasn't so lucky.

Also, with Ford, they didn't set out to kill him. Ford died because he tripped and fell.

I'm just saying that if Nick is the killer, they need more than drug dependency to be the reason for his crime. Like self-defense or in defense of another or accidental.
Well, I might agree with you in real life, but not so much on soaps. After all, I can't recall Stefano or EJ paying for any of their crimes. EJ never paid for shooting John, torturing Steve, or any of the Black Glove crimes. Stefano has never paid for anything he's done.

Why should Nick pay if he committed a crime due to drug dependency or mental illness?
EJ shot John in cold blood but John lived. Lucas shot EJ in cold blood but EJ lived. Trent is dead.

Lucas and EJ paid for their crime in that Lucas went to prison for a few months and EJ was shot himself, lingered in the hospital and paralyzed for awhile. I think had Lucas and EJ been successful in their murder attempts, the would have written more severe soapland punishments for them.

Stefano is a full-fledged villain thus does not need to pay for his crimes.
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