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Oct 26 2008, 03:16 PM
Well, I do believe murder is a much more serious crime than attempted murder and so does the law thus the difference in penalty between the two. In a strict soap context, If they felt Lucas needed to pay for his crime of attempted murder by going away to prison for a few months, don't you think they would give Nick a more serious punishment for actual murder (unless they expect to play him as a straight villain from here forward)?

The story has not played out but simple drug dependency is not enough of an explanation for Nick to have murdered Trent but still continue on the canvas as a rootable character. They will need to make it in self defense, defense of another, or accidental.

I do not think attempted murder is "okay" simply because I see the difference in severity between murder and attempted murder as far as crimes go.
Well, as I said before I think we'll have to agree to disagree. EJ is now a "good guy" and has never paid for shooting John or for locking Lucas in a freezer truck in an attempt to kill him. So, if the writers didn't feel it was necessary to punish EJ for his crimes even though he is not a straight villain, then I don't see why they would need to punish Nick or why the drug dependency wouldn't be enough of an explanation for the audience. Sure, John and Lucas didn't die, but that wasn't because EJ didn't intend to kill them. And, while Trent may be dead, he was undisputedly an "evil" person, whereas both John and Lucas were good guys. So, in the soap world, Nick's crime is probably less than EJ's (particularly when you throw in the attempted murders of Max, Stephanie, Steve and Kayla during EJ's "Black Glove" days).

Now, I certainly hope that there is more of an explanation and that it was self-defense, or defense of Melanie, or maybe just a straight mental illness storyline. But, if they only go with the drug dependency, it will be more of an explanation than they've given for a lot of people who committed crimes and got off scott free in Salem.
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