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Oct 26 2008, 01:53 PM
of course everyone should judge for them selves that goes for any thing in life ;)
i am just saying that there seems to be
a lot of days fans that have a pre judged
galen and eric because of what they seen or did not see on passions
i do believe both guys will pleasantly
surprise the doubtful ones

i think most of us have watched soaps
for years my self 38 years started
at age 8 edge of night secret storm
amc and so on with that have seen
actors bounce from one show to another
i love that soap actors can do that
Well, you're entitled to your opinion. I'm entitled to wait and see for myself. BUT, I hope that (if I don't like them), those who don't aren't bashed for "not giving them a chance" once they air.
I personally cannot get so wrapped up in an actor that it's the end of my world if someone expresses an opposite opinion. It's just not that important to me.
I don't care how many years one has spent watching soaps. I remember Days since Maggie's red shoes, and it's still not that big of a deal.
I'm a Farah Fath fan, and I see her getting bashed CONSTANTLY on boards, ever since her Mimi days. Now she's getting bashed by some as Gigi. That's their input on it. I can't condemn them just because their opinion doesn't mesh with mine. And, I will admit Farah's not the world's greatest actress, and I will admit when I feel she needs to show some acting strength in areas. It's called being objective.
I also can't get wrapped up in one actor. There are just too many good things in this world to risk becoming singularly-minded on things.....
Now, in POLITICS or EDUCATION, it's a different story..... :P ;) :D JK.
And, really, soap actors aren't the only actors that bounce around from show to show. I really don't see how that pertains to the discussion at hand. Actors need work like everyone else, period. They either bounce to shows, or to movies, or to the stage.
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