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Oct 26 2008, 08:33 PM
Oct 24 2008, 12:07 PM
Oct 24 2008, 10:02 AM
This relationship is nowhere near incest, except in some minds that refuse to see the truth.
And here, all this time, I thought there was something wrong with two people in the same family hooking up. Crazy me!
Let me join you in Crazyville, Mason, because I got the willies thinking of Max and Chelsea together, too, even though they didn't grow up as related. It's just too weird and too uncreative. And, I still can't quit thinking of that oral sex scene in the car. BLECH!
I think it makes Max look like an even BIGGER joke on this show if they have him break with one niece to only turn around and date another (whohe dated before anyway). Max and Chelsea were a forgettable couple but seem to work on a purely platonic scale. If they don't hook Chelsea back up with Nick, God forbid she should be single for awhile. As for Max, the show is just so overcome with love for DB, and insist on showcasing him in story after story with full blown love scenes, why the fuck is it so difficult to just turn around and cast a new love interest for him? Here's an idea, let's put off the idea of recasting Bobby (or Will) since the show has too many guys on anyway and bring in a new girl or even recast Abby. If she and Max didn't work out there would be plenty of other guys to try her out with.

And finally, I do think Chelsea has come a long way from the last time she made out with Max (to get back at Nick and Abby) and after how Date affected her, I just don't see Chelsea going after/being with her best friend's ex boyfriend even if he is an old flame.
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