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Well, I'm excited about this.

I didn't like the promo. It didn't really have enough energy. However, Galen looks good and it's hard to make any judgment on a few lines in a promo. I do see some chemistry.

And so what if it's similar to Shuis? You know how many soup couples started with similar dynamics? For example, Roman and Marlena started the same way. It's classic soap. Hell, with any new romance or couple, you can compare them to the story of a past couple or romance. Soaps have been around for years. I doubt there is much they can do that is new and different.

I'm just glad Sami has a fresh direction. I like EJ and Lucas so much more away from her. The Lucas/Sami/EJ story has swallowed this show up for the better part of two years now. It's about time the show made a decision and moved on. No matter which way the show went, it would be pissing someone off. I know they are pissing both off now but whatever. It happens. Fans used to be pissed off all the time. How many were pissed in the 90's when Roman and Marlena broke up or Carrie and Austin were railroaded for her new love story with Mike? Someone is always going to be unhappy and it's about time Days realizes they can't please everyone and just tries to write good stories. If they do that, some fans may stay and they will attract new fans to offset those they lose.
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