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Oct 27 2008, 02:03 AM
Oct 26 2008, 08:31 AM
I disagree on Kate being boring. I've wanted for her to be given her own storyline. Is it perfect? Heh, no. I really do wish they had gone with Date first (so many reasons) but I like how LK and SC have played off each other and though it does seem like Dan has a dying fetish I'm interested to see where they go with it.

What I find boring is how often we are subjected to Chelsea going off on them.
I agree. The story isn't perfect but Kate is being written very much in character and how refreshing that her sole purpose is no longer to meddle in her children's lives. It's about time she got a life!! Chelsea going off on them is the only repetitive and annoying thing going on right now IMO.

What Higley did to her in 2003 was a hack job. She totally made the character what Hogan made Sami. It was horrible. My only wish is that Kate was back in the corporate world. She has a company but Hearth and Home?! That's lame. Why not send her back to Titan or have her start a fashion company with Anna or something? Kate needs to get her style and her corporate edge back IMO.

One thing I want to mention too...some friends and I were watching the marathon on Soapnet and we were talking about Sami and no one noticing her weight outside of Chloe and Lucas. Three of my friends were woman, one of which was my mom LOL and they all three agreed that everyone is probably thinking it but it's not polite to mention a woman's weight like that, especially if she is putting on weight and has had kids. Seeing as how Days' HW is a woman, perhaps that is the reason. I can see it. Not excusing it as it was an issue for me too but I can see why that would be the case. I mean, Marlena and EJ both have been suspicious but stopped short of mentioning her weight. It's not like their dumb.

Also, I went back a bit and the episode before Sami learned she was pregnant, which was the episode where EJ helped Sami with her resume, Sami mentioned how she had not been exercising as much and eating as healthy so maybe EJ figures that is why she gained weight.
First, with the whole Sami being pregnant and no one noticing thing. I don't really mind it too much, especially since Sami has fluctuated in weight before. Plus, its a good point that she did just have twins and it is normal for some women, especially one who had weight issues before, to not be able to get back to their more slender figure.

Now as to Kate. I am thankful she isn't meddling and does have a life of her own. However, Kate Roberts would never call any thing Hearth and Home! She doesn't and never would give two shits about housewives. So that's completely out of character. Now that she's in good graces with Victor there is no reason she shouldn't be working at Titan. Have Anna work at Tony's company and voila ... a rivalry. And it would be great if just to piss her off Kate tried to seduce Tony and maybe ends up falling for him for real?

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