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That was very promising.

Somehow I think TPTB told James about the next year of future story in an effort to get him to stay and it seems it may work. He sounded very positive.

I'm so happy to hear that they have story planned for a year. STORY DIRECTION AND VISION!! YAY!! It's about damn time. This show has not had that or stability since I would say Fall 2003. Time to get back to that. Bad stories are one thing but lack of direction and vision is another. Now I just hope they stick to the plan and don't deviate much. I don't want to see them dropping stories left and right again and not committing. They've done enough of that.

Rachel seems to not know much about where Chelsea is going either. I hope they don't do her and Max. Just put her in the triangle with Nick and Melanie and bring on Abby or someone for Max. We could use another Horton.

Ari looked great and I loved her interview. She is just such a joy! Definitely my favorite actress and character right now.

Brandon and Nadia looked amazing as usual. Brandon seems bitter about Days though. He had this bitter look on his face when Nadia talked about Days LOL.

They all looked great and I'm so happy they all seem so happy. Things seem to finally be on track. I wonder what is coming up to make a producer tell James the scripts were the best in 15 years! Wow...hope it's as good as it sounds.
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