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Oct 27 2008, 02:22 AM
Oct 26 2008, 01:08 PM
This is so funny. Both soaps I'm watching have the supposed smart people totally clueless. On OLTL, people are just NOW figuring out Jess is Tess. And, on Days, people think tents are the new fashion statement? Let's put all the women in tent dresses, then!
As I just pointed out in the episode thread, there could be some valid reasons behind that.

Some friends and I were watching the marathon on Soapnet and we were talking about Sami and no one noticing her weight outside of Chloe and Lucas. Three of my friends were woman, one of which was my mom LOL and they all three agreed that everyone is probably thinking it but it's not polite to mention a woman's weight like that, especially if she is putting on weight and has had kids. Seeing as how Days' HW is a woman, perhaps that is the reason. I can see it. Not excusing it as it was an issue for me too but I can see why that would be the case. I mean, Marlena and EJ both have been suspicious but stopped short of mentioning her weight. It's not like their dumb.

Also, I went back a bit and the episode before Sami learned she was pregnant, which was the episode where EJ helped Sami with her resume, Sami mentioned how she had not been exercising as much and eating as healthy so maybe EJ figures that is why she gained weight.

Oh, and Johnny is adorable. I loved when he said "baby." So cute.
I'm sorry. There's a difference between fat fat and pregnancy fat. I mean, I know someone else mentioned the "baby fat". Those babies are what? About two years old? Anyone who had baby fat wouldn't have it, lose it, and gain it back again. Plus, the clothes she is wearing scream maternity. And, a pregnant tummy is usually pretty taut. With the hugs, Marlena, at the very least, should have been able to figure it out. She's been pregnant twice, whoops, technically, three times. A fat tummy is usually, well, more flabby. Add that to Sami's weird behavior and hints that she has something to say? And, hysterical is typical for Sami, but this is way overboard. Sorry, not buying the 'fat and won't say it' excuse.
At the very least EJ knew that birth control probably wasn't used. He's a smart dude and can do the math. Just like Vicki and Bo are smart and should have been able to figure out about Jessica.

It's poor storywriting.
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