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As far as Sami gaining weight and people being too polite to mention it, that's a perfectly valid reason. However, I think if that's the writers' reasoning behind no one commenting on it, they should at least show a conversation, maybe between Roman and Marlena, where they talk about their concern for Sami and how she's under so much stress but not exercising and eating properly and they are worried about her weight gain. Especially since she had an eating disorder in the past. That way the audience is clued in to what the writers are thinking and aren't sitting at home thinking everyone in Salem must be blind and stupid. It would just take a few lines of dialogue to include the audience and unmask the proverbial elephant in the room.

As for Kate, I'm glad they are moving her away from the meddling mother routine, but I have never understood why they made her the head of a company called Hearth and Home. When I think of Kate Roberts, I never think of pots, pans, and aprons. For years she's lived in a room at the Salem Inn! She doesn't have a hearth and barely a home. Her company has never made sense to me. I think they should have put her back at Titan years ago. That's where she belongs. Or something similar, which would be a rival to Titan like Basic Black was supposed to be.
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