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Appearance wise, there's a big difference between a pregnant woman and a woman who's gained a few pounds. Most women who are simply gaining weight have the pounds spread over their whole body and not primarily through their stomach. And LadyoftheLake is right; there's no way these people could be hugging all over Sami and not tell there's a baby bump. Especially Marlena. However, even if the writers want us to jump to the conclusion that everyone in Salem is thinking that Sami is getting fat and they are too polite to mention it, they should at least throw in a few lines of dialogue--ideally between her parents--about their concern for her weight gain. The girl has a history of an eating disorder; any drastic change in her weight or exercise habits should be a red flag.

I agree with Alligato, they would have been better off hiding Ali's pregnancy than this lame story. There's no good reason for Sami to be hiding this pregnancy from EJ, and I hate that she is. Calling her selfish doesn't even explain her behavior, because she isn't gaining anything by her actions. She has no home, no job, is separated from her children, avoiding people she knows, afraid to go to the hospital for prenatal care, she's stressed out, watching her rival move in on the man she supposedly loves...what's her payoff?
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