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I agree the writers should have some sort of mention of her weight gain, perhaps in private between Marlena and EJ or Roman or something but I disagree with one point and that point is that it's easy to tell between a baby bump and regular fat. I was reminded last night by my mother about how I had made the same mistake. I had two cousins a few years ago who both were pregnant and were keeping it a secret as a surprise. They wanted to break the news at Christmas. Both weren't really overweight before so it should've been obvious but they had been eating a bit more and both had admitted they never went for their daily runs anymore so I just assumed they had just gained some weight and mentioned nothing. I couldn't even tell they were pregnant until they actually said something and I see them all the time and later on I learned they were wearing maternity clothes. Hell, one of them was wearing something that really showed her stomach and it looked like nothing but weight gain to me. The people I was with last night said the same thing. You can't always tell and the last thing you want to mention in front of someone who has had a eating disorder is you've gained weight. I agree they should have the characters discussing it in private but in front of her or to her...I'm beginning to see reason behind not doing it while I was totally annoyed with it before. At least Marlena and EJ are suspicious and concerned. Also, Sami did address her weight in front of EJ before learning she was pregnant. As I said, in the resume scene she mentioned not eating healthy and exercising so why would EJ question it after that? He knows she is hiding something but he would never question the weight gain after that.
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