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Yeah, I think it would have been more appropriate to show Kate's reaction to the news, rather then focusing on Chelsea feeling all sad and guilty. But, it did provide an excuse to see Evan again, so I won't complain too loud.

Didn't love the Nicole/Johnny hijinks, but only because this sort of stuff is always overdone (remember Steve and Pocket?). I get the point being made and I did like the end when EJ came in and saw Nicole asleep and Johnny and Pookie on her lap, but the rest was just okay.

Enjoyed the Nick/Melanie interaction and I thought there were some interesting layers being played by Blake in those scenes. The Chelsea/Melanie bitch-off was fun and I thought Melanie had every right to bring up Zach. I do prefer this version of Chelsea, even when I think she's out of line. She's more fun bitchy and self-centered.

Lucas and Chloe were nothing special, although for some reason I felt like Nadia brought more to the scene that she usually does (at least for me). I thought it was interesting that Lucas admitted he was glad that Sami was gone. I think the death knell has been sounded for Lumi (at least for a while).
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