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Captain Kirk

Where is Steve? He is too busy investigating Trent's murder? If they aren't going to use Steve and Kayla then can them altogether.

I am enjoying the show a lot lately, but the balance hasn't gotten worse since Tomlin and Whitesell have taken over. EJ/Sami/Melanie/Nicole/Lucas need big time breaks.

Melvin was awesome today, love me some bitchy Chelsea. With whats going on with Kate I thought it was in character for her to go off on the people around her. I loved the smack down on Melanie, although I was hoping Melanie would hit her back.

I really hate the cheesiness of Sami being sent into police custody. I just don't think I am going to like this at all, especially when Rafe shows up half naked.

Nicole babysitting was hilarious! Her having Pookie in her lap with Johnny was something I could just see someone like Nicole do. AZ plays comedy so well!

KA looks good in the previews, love when she wears in hair up.
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