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Today was weird because it felt like the episode has a running theme...which was making me feel for both sides of an equation (or story).

For instance, I totally get why Chelsea went off on Melanie. I mean, Chelsea was already upset and there is Nick sitting there, with no one around him, and he can't even spare two seconds. Chelsea needed a friend and Mel was more important. It's not really Melanie's fault but I can see why Chelsea would direct the anger there. Chelsea still has feelings for Nick and her and Mel have been at odds since the start. I also saw where Melanie was coming from. One person after the other keeps accusing her based on hearsay and there is Chelsea in a public place doing it. I did think Mel's mention of Zack (glad they keep mentioning him) called for the slap. I just enjoyed these scenes so much. There is so much potential for a triangle here and nice rivalry with Chelsea and Melanie. The show needs a new rivalry. I also love Chelsea having her edge back and Melvin is back to bringing her A game everyday now. I like Evan too. The actor is good and I hope they keep him around. He had a nice chemistry with Chelsea but I want to see Chelsea with Nick and Melanie in their story.

I also loved the Nick/Melanie interaction and, even without focusing on the spoilers, I could tell something was up with Nick. He did act like he was some sort of zombie and his wanting to help Melanie run away is very strange for him to go along with. He would try to convince her not to do that. I also don't think he would ever treat Chelsea the way he is of late, whether she hurt him or not. I'm starting to think this is more then drugs and he does have a mental disorder of some kind.

In regards to Kate, I don't mind it, personally. Kate is not the type to dwell on it or have some long, drawn out reaction to having cancer. The past few weeks has focused enough on her reaction. I mean, even on Friday, it didn't even phase Kate. She had prepared herself for it since the moment Daniel told her what it could be. Daniel wouldn't have much of a reaction either being who he is and all. Chelsea is the only one who was in that scene Friday that would have a huge reaction and we got her today. The show follows up on Kate's reaction tomorrow. I think it was handled well, personally.

Sami saying goodbye to her kids was heartbreaking and here is where that running theme comes into play. I totally felt for Sami saying goodbye and Chloe and Nicole were so harsh on her it made me feel for her more. On the other hand, after Sami was gone, I felt for Chloe. I understood why she felt the way she did. Same goes for Nicole. After hearing both women further discuss the issue, it was clear how much turmoil Sami had caused them. I mean, she played both Lucas and EJ off each other all spring and summer and when they both move on, she ropes them back in again and again. Lucas being happy Sami is gone spoke to that too as he too is sick of being dragged into her web again and again yet he keeps doing it because he cares about her and she is the mother of his kids. I did like the Lucas/Chloe scenes and this had to be Nadia's best episode in awhile. She wasn't robotic and looked like she put some effort forth. Enjoyed her today and I think the cabin scenes looked gorgeous with the lighting.

That first scene with Nicole reading the pregnancy book to Pookie when she was talking about all those medical ailments was hilarious. Ari plays comedy so well and I love how she throws her voice to talk to Pookie. Her watching Johnny was hilarious. It did remind me of Steve/Pocket, especially her getting the vomit in the face LOL. This is the kind of lighthearted stuff the show needs sometimes to balance things out. Can't do it all the time but it's nice once and a while and it was played well. It's realistic too as Nicole never has been around an infant like that. Johnny's screaming even wore me out. He has a loud scream LOL. I just loved seeing Pookie's little reactions too and it was so cute when EJ saw them when he came in. Adorable scene, especially him making her think Johnny was gone LOL. I just loved how simple that end scene was with them talking and then about to kiss as Johnny cries. I found her asking about Sami at that moment funny because it seemed to tie up the episode perfectly. She wanted Sami gone and now learns she is gone for awhile but Johnny is there to cause issues. It all comes full circle LOL. Good scenes though. I just hope they stick with the Nicole/EJ direction, at least for awhile.

The actor playing Sami's bodyguard made those scenes interesting IMO. I've always liked him and I liked Sami's little snarky comments. I won't mind this witness protection twist providing it's not on everyday and it's not on tomorrow so that is a good sign.

I'm not worried about the balance either. As I've said, it's all about the contracts. Come December you will see the vets alot more. I just hope they use them more wisely next year. Days uses them too much at once and then they have to have a lull where they can't use them much, if at all. Hopefully, next year they are better about that. I still can't see why they won't use Tony, Steve, and Kayla more. It's not like they are close to going over guarantee. That is dumb IMO. The other vets I can see but those three...makes no sense to me.

Good show today. It had a nice flow and, as I said, I even felt there was a theme to it, at least in my mind LOL. Tomorrow is much better though. RJ, LK, JKJ, and RM are very good tomorrow and Kate's story takes center stage, which is great.
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