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Oct 27 2008, 09:49 PM
I thought it was a nod to what we have been saying when, in the first scene, Nicole is talking about how the women do all the work and then men stand there looking stupid....cut to EJ asking Sami what it meant that Johnny pointed to her big tent dress stomach and said "baby". Duh, you dumbass!!! Got a kick out of that!

I am hoping that when EJ went to take his walk, he really went to plan something awesome. He knows something is up...old EJ would have figured it out by now...I am hoping that nuEJ has something up his sleeve.

I don't blame Nicole being a bit apprehensive with Johnny. She is totally new with kids, and this isn't her baby so she doesn't know what to do. I think she will be a fine mother if she ever gets that far. Ari did well today.
Somebody needs to buy EJ a new jacket. That tweed/plaid thing is as bad as Sami's tent dress. I would bet a Lumi is running the wardrobe department! LOL!

Oh, I just hated Chelsea today. No big surprise though. If she is going to stand there and accuse Melanie without knowing anything but hearsay, I don't blame Mel for bringing up Zach. Mel's line after "you don't know what you are talking about" from Chelsea should be "neither do you". Chelsea handled the Zach thing at the time much worse than Melanie is.
Nick seemed like he was on drugs in today's episode...don't know if that is becuase of the spoils but he seemed stoned.

I thought Chloe did some acting today instead of the rote recital of lines like usual. Everything she said was true and I am glad Lucas is happy that Sami is gone too. Loved that they brought up Sami's constant need to fool/cheat her baby's daddys. Loved EJ's line about family being first and not denying anyone family. I don't know how EJ won't hate Sami after this....and it kills me that Sami is abandoning her kids to keep EJ from knowing the truth. Ugh!!

Show was pretty decent today!
You know, Alligato, both Chelsea and Melanie were ultra-bratty. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm kinda glad Chelsea slapped Melanie. I think the show did (in its own half-assed way) show, in the past, Chelsea's regrets about Zach. Melanie's comment was a low blow, but it seems totally Melanie. Not that I love everything being about Chelsea, but regardless of how Chelsea acted at the time of Zach's death, Melanie had no clue how Chelsea had felt at that time. All she knew was Chelsea hit Zach.
Chelsea's jealousy, though, is pretty transparent. Poor Nick is going to have that albatross that's Chelsea's jealousy hanging around as long as she doesn't have a man. If I was him, I'd be constantly playing matchmaker, so she'd get out of his hair!

I thought Nicole and Johnny were cute. And, personally, I've fallen asleep with my own children on my lap. I think, realistically, most people know that a parent, despite their best intentions, cannot hover over a child 24/7. Nicole wasn't used to this. And, it's pretty natural that a child would cry more for an adult with whom he's not familiar, especially if the adult is showing unease at being with a child. I mean, after all, a new parent isn't thrown right into toddlerville, at least not most of them. You kinda EASE into those things? Barring any health problems, Nicole will be faced with diaper changes, constant feedings, and the occasional colic the first few weeks. Course, it would be interesting seeing her deal with projectile vomiting.............ah, Nicole and parenthood. I'm starting to warm to the idea now! :D
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