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Oct 27 2008, 10:19 PM
Oct 27 2008, 07:54 PM
Chelsea was really bratty and horrible to Melanie, which is why Melanie lashed out in kind. I don't blame her for that considering the way Chelsea attacked her in public. Melanie is definitely no angel, but she's in a very difficult situation--alone in the world, with only a brother she just found out about, no money, no home, and isn't she only 17? She's something of a brat, yes, but I think she's dealing with things the only way she knows how, which is by manipulation and seduction.

Chloe was heartless when Sami was saying her good-byes and shouldn't have even been there. And what exactly is behind that door where they keep stashing Allie? Isn't the Horton cabin one room? Why else would that big bed be in the main room? Nicole was kind of cute with Johnny, but I didn't like that they had her falling asleep and when EJ came in, he thought it was amusing. How was this different from Lucas letting Allie wander out the door while he was on house arrest? Johnny could have climbed off Nicole's lap and anything could have happened...that's not something to take lightly. And before someone says Nicole would have awakened if Johnny had moved, remember that EJ took him from her lap without her knowing. I think I've had too much experience with children to enjoy that scene.

I'm already tired of Sami in witness protection. I really, really dislike this storyline. Just tell EJ about the baby, Sami!

EJ did the exact same thing with Allie; Sami removed her from his lap and he didn't even notice because he was sound asleep. She had to wake him up. EJ probably remembered that incident and his other challenges while being a new caretaker of children, so that is why he could relate and found it sweet.
The difference is the age of the child. Falling asleep holding a baby is different than falling asleep holding a toddler. A baby can't go anywhere and you hold them against you; if they squirm around and cry, you will wake up or if not, at least the baby will stay put. A toddler like Johnny is mobile and quite capable of climbing down and wandering off to do who knows what. That was the issue when Lucas left Allie alone--she was able to walk and actually left the house through an open door. When you're caring for a toddler, you have to be alert all the time.
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